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We’re the Maze Brothers, Derek and Brent, founders of Panoptic Cinema and filmmakers behind the feature film, La Flamme Rouge. We write, shoot, direct, and produce projects ranging from feature films to music videos and commercials.

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La Flamme Rouge: Variety

“Twin Peaks” actor Balthazar Getty is set to star in the suspense thriller “La Flamme Rouge,” sources tell Variety. The pic was written and is being directed by Brent and Derek Maze. The film will mark their feature debut after mainly working in the music video world. The pic is about an injured professional cyclist and a renegade … Continue Reading La Flamme Rouge: Variety

La Flamme Rouge: The Hollywood Reporter

Getty also recently wrapped filming in Nebraska of the forthcoming noir thriller La Flamme Rouge (which he stars in and produced; directed by brothers Derek and Brent Scott Maze). Other projects coming down the pipeline include the horror films A Fall From Grace (starring alongside Vincent D’Onofrio, David Lynch and Forest Whitaker), Down by the Water (with Antonio Banderas and Cedric … Continue Reading La Flamme Rouge: The Hollywood Reporter